Digital ReleaseSteam
February 18, 2014

PlayStation 3
March 04, 2014 (NA)
May 16, 2014 (AU, EU)

Xbox 360
March 04, 2014 (NA)
DelistingLate December 2014 – Steam
May – June 2015 – Xbox 360
June 2015 – PlayStation 3
PublisherEutechnyx – Steam, PC
Deep Silver – Consoles
Available OnRetail
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
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NASCAR ’14  was delisted on Steam in late December of 2014 based on posts on the game’s Steam Community forum. The Xbox 360 Games on Demand release was likely delisted between May and June of 2015 based on captures while the PlayStation 3 release was likely delisted in June of 2015 after the end of a PSN discount sale. Continue reading for more on the delisting of this and other related NASCAR titles.

In January of 2015 Tom Dusenberry and Ed Martin, long-time gaming executives, announced they had acquired NASCAR assets from Eutechnyx including the title they had in development at the time, NASCAR ’15. As Dusenberry-Martin Interactive (DMi, Inc.) they would go on to publish NASCAR ’15 and would delist NASCAR The Game: 2013 and NASCAR ’14 in early 2015 likely due to changes in corporate registrations and how that related to NASCAR licensing.

DMi would go on to publish a handful of new NASCAR titles leading up to 2017 when the organization rebranded as 704Games. This change likely caused the delisting of NASCAR Heat Evolution for similar reasons as above. In early 2018 an unrelated developer and publisher named Motorsport Games was founded and by August of that year they had acquired a 53% stake in 704Games. Now folded under the Motorsport Games name, NASCAR Heat 2 which was published by 704Games was likely also delisted for the same reasons as earlier titles; changes in corporate structure.

It appears that after Motorsport Games had established themselves they then relisted both NASCAR Heat titles that were credited to 704Games and have continued to be listed as the publisher, if not also the developer, of newer NASCAR titles.

About the Game

It’s your turn to immerse yourself in the full-throttle thrill of the world’s most exciting motor sports racing series in NASCAR ’14. Take the wheel from your favorite driver and participate in the race week experience complete with practice, qualifying, and race day challenges. With your favorite personalities and live replay, NASCAR ’14 is the authentic NASCAR experience for fans.