Le Tour de France 2013 – 100th Edition

Le Tour de France 2013 – 100th Edition

Digital Release:PlayStation 3
June 19, 2013 (AU, EU)
July 02, 2013 (US)

Xbox 360
August 06, 2013 (AU, EU)
July 04, 2014 (US)
Delisting:January 2019
Publisher:Focus Home Interactive
Available On:Retail
Links:Xbox.com page (US, EU)


Le Tour de France 2013 – 100th Edition was delisted from Xbox 360 in January of 2019 according to reporting from TrueAchievements.com. It was presumably delisted on PlayStation 3 around the same time. The game was delisted in the same month as other Tour de France titles from 2009 through 2013. Newer titles in the series remained available at the time, indicating the delistings were likely due to rolling licensing from the Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO), the French media group who runs the Tour de France.

About the Game

Tour de France 2013 – 100th Edition enables you to step into the shoes of a racing cyclist, embarked on a highly-accurate reproduction of the most prestigious cycling competition. Live up to the hype of a spectacular 100th edition of the Tour de France in a much richer and visually complete game, with more dynamic pace and fully-revised gameplay that gives you complete control.

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