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landmarkDigital Release:Steam
June 10, 2016
Delisting:February 21, 2017
(Available For: 0y 8m)
Developer:Sony Online Entertainment/Daybreak Game Company
Publisher:Daybreak Game Company
Available On:None
Links:Landmark homepage


Daybreak Game Company announced on Thursday, January 6th, 2017 that they will be shutting down Landmark’s servers, forums and social media accounts on February 21st, 2017. On the same day as the announcement, Landmark was removed from sale on Steam and the official site. Current players are able to log in and play until the 21st of February and all marketplace prices have been reduced to 1 Daybreak Cash.

No explanation was given but based on the game’s prolonged development, pivot away from the EverQuest name and low player count it would seem to have been a financial decision.

“With heavy hearts, we are writing today to inform you that after much review, we have decided to close Landmark game servers on February 21, 2017,” reads the statement on the Landmark homepage. “Since Landmark first entered Alpha, we have been impressed by the creative talents in this community. You pushed the boundaries of what Landmark could do, and we are grateful for the time and energy you shared through your creations in this game.”

In a brief FAQ entry Daybreak ruled out the possibility of the game living on in any fan-supported capacity.


About the Game

Welcome to the place where creativity and adventure thrive! Landmark is a world shaped by the passion, talent, and ambition of its players. Explore and impact the world around you. Spark your creativity alongside a community where everyone has a chance to share something memorable.

What’s YOUR story?

Welcome to the place where creativity is power! As a powerful Luminary, you have the ability to mold landscapes and turn imagination into reality. Use your powers of inspiration to create your own story in this world, from a monster-plagued dungeon, to an intricate spaceship, or the house of your dreams. In Landmark if you can dream it, you can build it!
Along the way, you’ll meet other Luminaries eager to team up to build shared creations, battle monsters, or enjoy interactive experiences that YOU’VE designed. The possibilities are endless here, so establish your site, fire up your imagination, and get ready to create!

Key Features:

  • Create Masterpieces – Forge your own unique mark on the world.
  • Collect Treasures – Venture out into the world in search of materials, recipes, and props.
  • Share Your Vision – Inspire other players by creating interactive experiences.


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