Hero Shooter, Gigantic, makes a surprise return with upcoming Rampage Edition

Hero Shooter, Gigantic, makes a surprise return with upcoming Rampage Edition

At the hands of a new developer and publisher, Motiga’s Gigantic property is making a surprise return on April 9th. Gearbox Publishing announced Gigantic: Rampage Edition on Tuesday and revealed that the new title will launch simultaneously on Steam and on both old and new PlayStation and Xbox consoles. With crossplay uniting all players it should give the game a much wider audience than the original which was shut down in 2018 after just a year from release. Gearbox’s press release confirms more details about the new title and includes the blessing of Gigantic and Motiga co-creator, Christopher Chung.

“The original Gigantic game from Motiga maintained a passionate and loyal community that kept the spirit of the game alive throughout all these years,” said Yoon Im, president of Gearbox Publishing San Francisco. “It was through all of their excitement coupled with our desire to bring Gigantic back one day that we are thrilled to finally confirm we’re bringing back and making it better than ever with Gigantic: Rampage Edition. It’s a fun refresh of the original game with new maps, new heroes, and best of all, there are no microtransactions. Players can jump in and play, and unlock all of the game’s content just by playing and making progress over time. To our dedicated fans who never gave up on Gigantic, thank you for all of the support! To new players who love hero shooters and MOBAs, we hope to see you on the airship!”

“It’s an honor to help Gigantic make an incredible comeback,” said Bart Vossen, Senior Game Designer at Abstraction Games and Game Design Lead on Gigantic: Rampage Edition. “With Rampage Edition, we knew right away that we wanted to make everything fans loved about Gigantic bigger, better, and even more accessible for all players. We can’t wait for players to dive in and see all new content and improvements that make this the definitive edition.”

“I’m happy to finally let this fantastic secret out that Gigantic is back as I have so much love for the game and its incredible community,” said Christopher Chung, Co-Creator of Gigantic and former CEO and cofounder of Motiga. “I greatly appreciate that Gearbox Publishing and Abstraction Games have kept the core of what made Gigantic special. It’s also gratifying to see that they have added new Heroes and a Rush Mode, which were initial concepts we had at Motiga that we knew fans would go crazy for. I can’t wait to play again with our awesome Gigantic community, and I’m positive all players, including new players who didn’t have a chance to play the original game, will fall in love with Gigantic: Rampage Edition!”

Gearbox Press Release – February 20, 2024

While this doesn’t amount to a relisting for the original game it is a nice surprise to see it live on after Motiga disbanded nearly seven years ago. Early access playtests for Rampage Edition start on Steam this week for those eager to jump back in.