Digital Release:PlayStation Portable
January 26, 2011 (EU)
Delisting:Late 2015
Developer:YoYo Games
Publisher:YoYo Games
Available On:None page (EU)


greenTechPLUS+ was likely delisted from the PlayStation Store for PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3 at some point in the latter half of 2015. In February of that year publisher/developer YoYo Games was acquired by gambling software house PlayTech. While YoYo Games continues to develop and support the GameMaker software suite, they are no longer a direct developer or publisher of games themselves. All of their mobile, console, and handheld titles have been removed from sale.

About the Game

Although not directly released for PlayStation 3, the majority of PSP minis titles can also be played on both platforms.

  • Control powerful winds to clear the world’s air supply of pollution and save mankind.
  • Guide clouds of pollution from factories across the globe into Air Cleansing Units to prevent a rise in global warming.
  • Play through six levels of difficulty and take on 30 distinctive and challenging levels.

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