Gangs of London

Gangs of London

Digital Release:PlayStation Portable
November 20, 2007 ( EU, US)
July 24, 2008 (AU)
Delisting:Early 2020 (AU, EU)
Developer:SCE London
Available On:Digital:
PlayStation Portable (US)

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Gangs of London was delisted from the PlayStation Portable in Australia and Europe no later than April 2020. This is the month that the game’s absence was reported to the site although it could have been delisted earlier in the year. The game was potentially delisted alongside other AU/EU titles that were removed in early 2020. As of this writing the game remains available to download exclusively in North America but could soon be delisted there as well.

About the Game

Immerse yourself and become part of an elite criminal underworld. Now you can control a team of gangsters to orchestrate the most ruthless takeover of the London Underground. Use brains and brawn to stamp your territory as you make your way to the top in your effort to control the city. Play through a fully realized free roaming London in powerful action packed mission perfectly tailored for portable play.

  • Choose from 5 different gangs’ boss and witness the plot unfold in a series of graphical novel narratives.
  • Control a team of gangsters and swap between them on the fly as you steal turf while engaging in explosive urban combat.
  • Over 60 missions that offer a mix of shooting, tactical battles and multiple driving challenges all in a photo realistic London.
  • Free roaming city allows you to explore some of the most dangerous areas of the Underground.
  • Play a series of mini-games which includes a unique strategy card game, tourist mode, British pub games (pool, cards, darts, chess, skittles) and more.
  • Game Share allows players to beam playable missions to a friend.

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