Digital Homicide Catalog removed from Steam


After requesting a subpoena from a federal judge to reveal the identities of 100 Steam users who maligned their products, Valve has chosen to remove all of Digital Homicide Studios’ titles from the Steam platform. Digital Homicide alleges that the users in question caused “personal injury” to him, the studio and its products through negative reviews and threats and is seeking $18 million through a lawsuit.

In an email response to Vice’s Motherboard site, Valve’s VP of marketing, Doug Lombardi, stated “Valve has stopped doing business with Digital Homicide for being hostile to Steam customers”. You can read more on this developing story from Digital Homicide themselves, Motherboard, and TechRaptor who were among the first to break the story. The titles confirmed to be delisted include:

  • Forsaken Uprising
  • The Slaughtering Grounds
  • Deadly Profits
  • Temper Tantrum
  • Medieval Mercs
  • Devils Share
  • Dungeons Of Kragmor
  • Krog Wars
  • Starship: Nova Strike
  • Mini Attack Submarine
  • Wyatt Derp 2: Peacekeeper
  • Winged Knights: Penetration
  • Withering Kingdom: Arcane War
  • Wyatt Derp
  • Gnarltoof’s Revenge
  • The Decimation of Olarath
  • Paranormal Psychosis
  • Operation: Global Shield
  • Attrition: Nuclear Domination
  • Galactic Hitman

Many of these games and more from Digital Homicide are currently still available as PC downloads in an ongoing bundle.