Bossa Presents, Bossa Studios’ prototype portal on Steam, to be delisted soon

Bossa Presents, Bossa Studios’ prototype portal on Steam, to be delisted soon

Bossa Studios released an experimental frontend on Steam in 2021 called Bossa Presents as a way for players to test new gameplay prototypes and help decide which ones were worthy of becoming full games. I am Fish is one full release that came out of that program but Bossa’s latest, and most expansive title, is actually inspired by an older delisted game of theirs.

Worlds Adrift launched in Early Access on Steam in 2017, aiming to create a “community crafted MMO” set amongst skyships and sky islands crafted by teams of players. It was shut down in July of 2019 but the core of it can clearly be seen in Bossa’s upcoming Lost Skies. With the team now fully focused on Lost Skies they’ve announced that the Bossa Presents program is being “paused” and the playable prototypes will soon be retired from the Steam store.

As some of you may be aware, we announced a new game in partnership with Humble Games last week called Lost Skies! Set in a beautiful, lush world that’s undergone a cataclysmic event, Lost Skies is an online co-op survival adventure experience where you, together with friends or solo, build your own Skyship and set off on a challenging adventure to re-discover your world. Our passionate team is building a truly special game and we would like to have you onboard for the journey. The Lost Skies community Discord is now live and we’d love for you to come and get involved –

Due to the amount of development resources we need to dedicate to a game like this, we’ve made the decision to pause Bossa Presents at this time and instead explore new avenues of how we’ll introduce new game concepts and projects to our community going forward.

The Bossa Presents mailing list will be discontinued from today and the launcher will be removed from Steam in the near future. This Discord server will remain live for the time being, but we won’t be posting any further updates in here and we would encourage you to join the Lost Skies Discord server to follow the game’s development progress – 

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for being a part of our community and for all the invaluable feedback that you’ve provided us with on each of the projects that we’ve shared with you. This feedback helped validate what kind of game you would like us to make next and Lost Skies is the culmination of that. Your support and loyalty have been invaluable, and we truly appreciate the trust you have placed in us.

Bossa Presents Discord announcement – May 24, 2023

It’s unclear if the content in Bossa Presents will remain accessible going forward but if you’re interested in Bossa’s kernels of gameplay ideas you might want to jump in as soon as possible. Thanks to SmashMan for pointing out the news.