Blasters of the Universe

Blasters of the Universe

Digital ReleasePC
August 31, 2017 – Oculus, Steam

PlayStation 4
February 27, 2018 (AU, EU, NA)
DelistingNo later than February 18, 2023 – Oculus
May 31, 2023 – Steam
June 30, 2023 – PlayStation 4 (AU, EU, NA)
DeveloperSecret Location
PublisherSecret Location – Oculus, Steam
Archiact Interactive – PlayStation 4
Available OnNone page
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Blasters of the Universe was delisted on the Oculus store no later than February 18th, 2023. We noticed its absence in reporting on the news from February 15th where developer Secret Location announced that the studio would be shutting down. It is possible that Blasters of the Universe was delisted earlier although it is not expected to have happened before January of 2023.

The parent company mentioned in the studio’s announcement is Entertainment One (eOne), a long-standing media and entertainment company that was acquired by Hasbro in December of 2019. In 2023 Hasbro was looking to sell off eOne and many of its media properties that include Peppa Pig and PJ Masks. As part of this restructuring for sale they apparently decided to shut down Secret Location which eOne acquired in 2016 and was their only in-road into gaming.

By April 12th, 2023, Secret Location announced that all their published Steam titles would “no longer be available to purchase after May 2023.” Blasters of the Universe, The Great C, and Transpose would be delisted on May 31st. Below is a list of associated titles:

As of June 30th, 2023, Blasters of the Universe was delisted worldwide on PlayStation 4.

About the Game

Dodge intricate bullet patterns in VR as you blast your way through an unrelenting onslaught of enemies with a customized weapon and shield loadout. Pick and choose from tons of parts and modifiers to make each weapon your own. Battle through 4 Campaign levels, go for a high score in Endless modes, and prepare to take on devious boss battles in a neon-bathed world straight out of ‘90s VHS cover art

  • Campaign mode with item and level unlock system
  • Extremely challenging gameplay that requires players duck and dodge to try and set the best score possible
  • Constantly updating Challenge modes with unique gameplay that ensures there is always something new and exciting to play every day
  • Intense first-person bullet-hell gameplay, the first of its kind in VR. Dodge an absolute shit-ton of bullets and battle tons of enemies
  • Customize your weapons with thousands of possible combinations
  • Engage in epic boss battles where survival is far from guaranteed