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Beyond Eyes to be delisted soon as publishing deal comes to an end [UPDATED]

Beyond Eyes to be delisted soon as publishing deal comes to an end [UPDATED]

[UPDATE 09/08/21] Team17 Support tweeted on September 3rd to confirm that the Steam version would be removed from sale on September 8th. As of midnight September 7th, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions were also removed from sale. Our original post from September 2nd follows below.

Heads-up today on an undated but almost certain delisting for the 2015 indie adventure game, Beyond Eyes. Creator  Sherida Halatoe tweeted September 2nd that they will not be renewing their publishing arrangement with Team17 and that the game won’t be available after it expires.

Moving away from game development, Halatoe’s tiger & squid studio will also be shelving their follow-up title, Trails of Life. Halatoe followed up in a tweet thread that they have “a lot of assets and stuff from Trails of Life that I want to share”. That includes the story itself which Halatoe hopes to convert into a novel and release on Twitter in 2022.

Back to Beyond Eyes, the game is currently still available on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One but it is uncertain for how much longer. It’s on sale through September 6th for $2.99 on Steam while the console releases are priced at $14.99 right now. After September 6th seems like a good time to keep tabs on the game’s availability. I’ll try to keep an eye on it regularly going forward. Thanks to everyone who pointed out the news.