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New page on the site organizes all the developers and publishers behind Delisted Games

I don’t know if anyone has ever noticed, but among the options in the search bar at the top of the site was a dropdown of all the developers and publishers on the site. I noticed a week or so ago that the dropdown has a hard limit and it wasn’t showing every company because there are just so many of them now.

There are currently 775 companies behind our 900+ delisted games and so a new page was in order to display them all. Under “The Games” menu at the top of the site is a new entry to view delisted games “By Company“. The new page offers an alphabetical glossary of all of those companies and clicking any one of them will take you to the company’s page with a listing of all the games and news posts related to them.

It’s not as exciting as the Relisted Games page or as shocking as The Extinct List but surely someone — or maybe just myself — will benefit from being able to see things broken down by studio or publisher. With this new page I’ve removed the company option from the main search bar on the site. That should help the site and search results load a little faster as well.