Alien Trilogy

Alien Trilogy

Digital ReleasePC
July 13, 2020 – ZOOM Platform
DelistingBetween May and December 2021
DeveloperProbe Software
PublisherThrowback Entertainment
Available OnDigital

Original Release (PC, PlayStation, Saturn)
LinksZOOM Platform page


Alien Trilogy was delisted on the ZOOM Platform some time between May and December of 2021. May 15th, 2021 is the last date that captures show that the game was available. By the next capture on December 15th the game was flagged as “temporarily unavailable”. Neither Throwback Entertainment or ZOOM Platform announced or acknowledged the game’s delisting before it was removed from sale.

ZOOM Platform would later mention Alien Trilogy’s delisting in a December 7th, 2022 post announcing the upcoming delisting of Judge Dredd 95, also from Throwback Entertainment and Probe Software.

Unfortunately, it appears Judge Dredd 95 will go the way of another Throwback Entertainment title, Alien Trilogy.

Judge Dredd 95 will be delisted at Midnight PST on New Year’s Eve. If you want it, make sure to buy before then.

It’s worth noting that we have still yet to be compensated, as contractually promised, by Throwback Entertainment for brokering the deal. We also find it completely disingenuous for Throwback to leave ZOOM Platform out of their Steam de-listing notice. That deal, and several others, would have never happened had it not been for myself, Bernie Stolar, and the entire ZOOM Platform team.

I first met the Kingsley brothers, in my late teens, a little over a decade ago. They were, and continue to be, incredibly kind and gave me one of my very first opportunities. Thanks to them, ZOOM Platform took part in re-releasing such classics as Aliens Vs. Predator: Gold Edition. The team and I will be forever grateful. I also very much enjoyed reading Jason’s recent NME article and highly recommend it.

ZOOM Announcement – December 07, 2022 [Archive]

Even as of the date of this writing in May of 2024, only half of Throwback Entertainment’s releases on ZOOM Platform remain available. In a seemingly similar case to their release of Judge Dredd 95, it seems likely that Throwback Entertainment’s license to the source material — either the original Hollywood property or Probe Software’s 90’s era release — had expired leading to the delistings.

Despite the delisting, and similar to other platforms like Steam and, Alien Trilogy received at least one update for existing owners of the title on ZOOM Platform on February 17th, 2023. For what it’s worth, the game remains listed as “temporarily unavailable” on ZOOM Platform, though the chances of its return at this point seem unlikely.

Peculiarly, and unless posts have since been deleted, neither Throwback Entertainment or ZOOM Platform announced the game’s release or availability through 2020 and 2021. Given that the game was potentially available for as little as ten months it is possible that one or both parties knew that it would be delisted in short order and chose not to draw attention to the release.

About the Game

Haunted by memories, you hope this is just some small oversight…some simple communications problem, but you know, deep down, in the back of your mind…THEY’RE BACK!!! Face huggers, chestbursters, dog aliens, adult aliens, ruthless corporate shills, and…three Queen Aliens!!! Over 30 acid encrusted levels, an arsenal of lethal weapons, and…YOU!!! All the gut-churning 3D action of the complete Alien Trilogy in one black-death, white-knuckle NIGHTMARE!!!

Footage below featuring the original PC release