Digital Release:PlayStation 4
August 08, 2017 (AU, EU, US)

August 07, 2017
Delisting:September 14, 2018
Developer:Boss Key Productions
Available On:None
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LawBreakers was shut down on September 14th, 2018 on Steam. The PlayStation 4 version was likely retired and removed from the store on or before this date. The announcement was made on June 11th, 2018 after Boss Key Productions’ founder Cliff Bleszinski revealed the studio’s closure in May. The shutdown announcement follows:

Dear LawBreakers,

In light of the unfortunate news regarding Boss Key Productions shutting down, we regret to announce that we will be sunsetting our support of LawBreakers on September 14, 2018 as we are not able to operate the game.

Our servers will remain open until then and the game will be made free-to-play on Steam for all players effective immediately. Please note that any and all new in-game purchases will also be disabled and we will not be able to accept any refund requests.

We truly appreciate your understanding in this difficult time and we want to thank you all your support and being a part of the passionate LawBreakers community.

Thank you for staying with us throughout this journey.

-The LawBreakers Team

LawBreakers shutdown was foretold in January of 2018 when a financial report from Nexon’s CFO Shiro Uemura, confirmed that it was not performing well alongside the surprise hit, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. A physical release of the game was offered in August of 2017 by Limited Run Games although it too would be unplayable after the server shutdown.

About the Game


No corners for campers, no ways to buy skill, and no one to blame for your K/D ratio. In LawBreakers, what worked in your other first-person shooters won’t apply here.


Nine roles. But no matter which you choose, watch your six, nine, twelve… you get the picture. From combat healing and run-and-gun to high-skill melee play-styles and more – whichever style suits your skill, just move fast, shoot often, and don’t get lit.


Gravity’s not going to hold you back anymore. But it’s not going to hold back your competition either. From the boiling oceans of Santa Monica, to a former ski-resort refashioned as a research & development lab, don’t get caught watching the scenery or a plasma burst will slap you upside the head.


LawBreakers raises the bar for competitive shooters. Actually, that bar was floating in zero-g, like 30 feet in the air already, so that’s even more impressive. With highly-competitive, buzzer-beating rules that elevate familiar game-types, LawBreakers’ modes so new, the patents might still be pending.

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