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This page is a placeholder. More details on this game and its delisting will be added soon but now you know for sure it’s been delisted. In many cases the game may still be available on other platforms. Until we get this page filled out you can always try a search on Xbox.com, PlayStation Network, Nintendo.com or Steam.

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  • T87

    This game was indeed delisted but at least on PSN (Europe only?) you could still buy it by accessing the Store in-game.

  • T87

    I’m fairly certain it’s still possible to purchase the game. You need to get the demo, then you can access the IN-GAME page of the Store and get it from there. Not sure if it’s still possible though, i bought it in 2015. It was really cheap (base price, not on sale), probably 2 or 3 euros.

    • It probably worked for a time after the game was delisted but this method usually stops working. I *do* have the demo though so I should check and see sometime.

      • T87

        I forgot to say, this method probably works only for Europe.

        • Oh yeah, you did say “2 or 3 euros”, I should’ve caught on. I have an EU and JP account on the same Xbox though, that might work at least to test.