Digital ReleaseSteam
January 13, 2022
DelistingJanuary 31, 2023
Available OnNone
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Developer GaniTani announced on January 20th, 2023 that YEOLLEB Warrior would be removed from sale on Steam on January 31st. Based on Sehoon Kim’s Hardcore Leveling Warrior comic, the license to the property from Naver Webtoon had expired and GaniTani was also planning work on an improved game to be released in the future.

Hello. The IP contract with the original creator of the yeolleb warrior that had been in service has ended. Therefore, the service will be maintained until January 31st, and you will not be able to download the game after that. We will come back with an improved game as soon as possible through the improvement of the game.

Steam Announcement – January 20, 2023

About the Game

Lucis Adventure, an ‘app’ where you can dream and play games at the same time! In that world, I am… the strongest. Rep warrior has logged in.

Main game features

  • Lucky Coin’s powerful random skill: No one knows what skill will come out. However, the luck of the eleven warriors creates miracles.
  • Exciting action: Don’t worry about being surrounded by many monsters. The swordsmanship of a zealot warrior is the fastest.
  • Stone System: You need to collect redstone and bluestone. Stones are the most important material for raising the skills of a ten-level warrior.
  • New puzzles: New puzzles await in each area. More frightening than monsters is the puzzle space where you can die at once. Fine coordination is required to escape the puzzle space.

This game has been developed under a formal license through Naver Webtoon’s rookie warrior IP use contract.

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