World of Myths, and Rebellious Software, shutting down May 27th

World of Myths, and Rebellious Software, shutting down May 27th

Rebellious Software announced over the weekend that their studio is unfortunately shutting down and their free-to-play strategy card game, World of Myths, will be shut down in just a few days on May 27th. In their farewell message the team does note that the game may return as a totally free “passion project” but there’s no commitment to timing on that at this point.

We fought, but the dragons won.

6 years ago, we answered the Daimyo’s Call. We passed the Test of Faith and were accepted by the Chubby Stone-Eaters in the magical realm of the World of Myths. We started our World Wonder Project. Our Story was Retold by Shady Traders, Slimy Leprechauns, and some Sneaky Goblins.

We entered the Dark House of Xibalba to seek the future and did the Desperate Ritual but it turned out we only broke the Cursed Seal.

The Wolfsbane Drop was too strong.
The Unexpected Support never came.
The Sword of the Rebellion is shattered to pieces.
Now we go Back to Dust…

Rebellious Software is shutting down. We tried to make things work. Really, really hard. We worked on many exciting projects that will never see daylight, and we are deeply saddened that our journey has to end.

We will be forever grateful to all of you who joined us on our journey and always supported us. You are true friends for a lifetime.

World of Myths servers will shut down on 27th May 2023. Join us for some last games on that day (EU nighttime). More details on discord.

p.s. There is a chance that the game will continue as a passion project, free to play with no microtransactions, with new mythology, Slavic, in the making. No promise on the release date & time at this moment.

Steam Announcement – May 21, 2023

Until then you can still jump into the game on Steam and Android. Thanks to Serrated-banner9 for submitting the news, I’ve added the date to the Watch List calendar and we’ll have a page up on the site later.