Digital ReleasePC
March 10, 2021 – Steam
January 06, 2022 – Epic Games

Nintendo Switch
January 06, 2022 (EU, NA)
DelistingMarch 01, 2023 – Steam, Epic Games
DeveloperYou Run
PublisherBonus Stage Publishing
Available OnNintendo Switch (EU, NA)
LinksWarshmallows homepage
SteamDB page


Developers You Run and DigitalMania announced on February 27th, 2023 that Warshmallows would be shutting down on Steam and that the delisting would be “started immediately”. Though not included in the announcement the game was also delisted on the Epic Games Store though its release on the Nintendo Switch has remained available as of mid-April 2023.

We are sad to tell these news, but Warshmallows shall be shut down and the game will be discontinued. Despite the best actions possible we couldn’t find enough players to sustain the game’s servers and other infrastructure. The shutdown will be started immediately. We are truly sorry for this, and on the other hand we have eternally grateful to all the players, fans, community, content creators, and every single soul who have participated in this journey.

With love,
Warshmallows’s developers and publishers

Warshmallows Announcement – February 27, 2023 (Now deleted)

Months after the delisting Walid Sultan posted a reply on the Warshmallows Discord server explaining that the paid release of the game on PC “had limitations when it came to adoption and testing”. They added that they have since switched to a free-to-play business model integrating WEB3 technology to “bring all its benefits to our players”.

As of April 2023 You Run and Bonus Stage Publishing were seeking to sell Warshmallow NFTs and were referring to the game as Warshmallows World. Further comments from Sultan suggested that a playable Alpha of the game may be available in the Summer of 2023. It is uncertain at the time of this writing when or if the Nintendo Switch release will be shut down or replaced.

About the Game

Blast, slap and bubble up your opponents, hop, dash and fly away to safety, and take the championship in this fast-paced battle of Warshmallows! One arena, up to four players, one winner. Blast your friends and avoid getting hit – you can shoot and slap, hop and dash, fly away and maneuver with automatic slow motion. That’s all you need for hours of laughter! Play Warshmallows online, local, FFA, 2v2, 1v1, custom lobby, with friends, against bots, or versus players from all around the world to show them who’s the boss.

Online or local multiplayer
Four-player global online multiplayer, couch-mode with up to 4 players, 2v2 couch/online mode, and online multiplayer with only friends

Easy to learn, hard to master
Any player, at any age, can start and enjoy playing, but to master Warshmallows… you’ve gotta put in some serious hours!

Fast-paced, chaotic fun
Win five sets and you win a match. One set is up to 30 seconds, or until only one is left standing! Snappy Warshmallows make the arena a busy one.

Level up
Gain XP in online matches and level up in the global leaderboard. Complete missions to unlock new gear and maps.

Lots to come, lots to see
New maps, new characters, new game modes… You want it, we will make it! Monthly updates keep the game fresh.

Amazing soundtrack
The absolutely wonderful ’80s-’90s themed special soundtrack will make your head bop in a heartbeat.

Controller and keyboard support
Play using your favorite gear, all the typical controllers are supported and the keyboard+mouse combo is perfected.

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