Digital Release:Steam
March 14, 2018

Xbox One
July 31, 2018 ( AU, EU, US)
Delisting:January 2019 - Xbox One
Available On:Steam
Online page
#Wargames series homepage


#WarGames was delisted from Xbox One in January of 2019 according to reporting from The Xbox One version was seemingly removed due to performance issues rather than licensing or copyrights. In response over the game’s availability on Twitter, Eko said that “we do plan to bring it back, but sadly aren’t sure when”.

#WarGames remains available on Steam as well as on mobile platforms, and on Eko’s website.

About the Game

You shape the story as Kelly and her band of misfit hackers transform from pranksters to leaders of an international movement. As they take on the media, the military and the powers that be, where you focus as you watch will shape the direction of the story and the actions the characters take. Whether it be trolling international pop stars or breaking into high-security hotel rooms, the choice is in your hands.

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