WAR2 Glory

WAR2 Glory

Digital ReleasePC
November 10, 2010 - Online
DelistingApril 29, 2021
DeveloperJust A Game
Available OnNone
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Alongside four of its MMOs, Gamigo also shut down WAR2 Glory and S4 League on April 29th, 2021. Gamigo Group announced the upcoming closures on February 24th, 2021 disabling in-game purchases for all games and closing new account registrations for most. Each announcement expressed the same sentiment of tough times, tighter budgets, and dwindling active player counts. These appear to be the collective cause behind Gamigo’s decision to close these titles, although in the case of WAR2 Glory the developers were unable to migrate off of Adobe Flash which was retired in December of 2020. The announcement follows:

Since the launch of War2 Glory, we have spent countless happy times with you Commanders. Today we come to you with heavy hearts. War2 Glory will officially cease all operations today, February 24, 2021. Our Diamonds shop will be closed for transactions beginning Wednesday, February 24, 2021, meaning all purchases of Diamonds will no longer be possible. Our item shop will remain open with discounts of up to 95% off on all items.

With the end of support for Adobe Flash at the end of 2020 and our constraints on providing a stable playable version of the game or a workaround in the last few days, we had no choice but to make this painful decision. War2 Glory players can expect special gifts to some specific games from the gamigo portfolio in a follow-up newsletter.

Please know this has been a super hard decision, and everyone involved in making, promoting, and supporting the game has been holding out for an alternate ending. So, while the quick timing is not ideal, we didn’t want to finalize this decision before exhausting all options first.

To everyone wondering what to play now that your favorite game at gamigo is closing, worry not! We have a ton of games from all types and genres here at gamigo! Check our website at https://gamigo.net/ and pick your next passion! You can try new games now by redeeming one of these codes on the selected game’s homepage.

Wargame 1942:WELCOMEINWG
Desert Operations: WELCOMEINDO

We thank every single person who took the time to play our beloved game and helped us along the way with feedback and suggestions. War2Glory will be online until April 29, 2021. Thank you for being the most amazing community; we could not be more grateful. The Developers of this Game values very much the support of players, if they continue to run this game after the shutdown, we will inform you of the process to follow. Please check our news section for further updates

An FAQ page was also provided with additional details on the shutdown process.

About the Game

War2Glory is a real-time MMO browser game, set during the great conflict of World War II. Players become the Commander of a small city and must build, defend, trade and expand to be succesful! Commanders must be shrewd Mayors and brilliant Generals, developing your Cities Industries to fuel your Armies, which are used to expand your sphere of influence and bring Glory to your name!

Units, Buildings, Technology
WAR2 Glory has 40+ individual units, 18 buildings and 21 Technologies! Get to grips with what they do and how to use them in this section.

Scout, Combat and Officers
Enter combat prepared by Scouting your enemies! Make sure you know how to fight! Officers lead your armies and defend your Cities, they’re abilities are very important, find out how to tell the General from the Private!

Alliance, Chat and Trade
Divided we fall, United We Stand! Join an Alliance for mutual-protection, co-ordinate devastating attacks against your enemies and take part in the PvP-only Alliance Campaign.

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