Wacky Wheels HD

Wacky Wheels HD

Digital ReleasePC
October 26, 2016 – Steam
November 04, 2016 – itch.io
DelistingMay 21, 2020 – Steam
May 2020 – itch.io
RelistingJuly 2021 – itch.io
DeveloperCascadia Games
PublisherCascadia Games
Available OnPC (itch.io)
Mobile (iOS)
LinksCascadia Games homepage
SteamDB page


Cascadia Games announced on Steam on May 21st, 2020 that Wacky Wheels HD would be delisted from the platform “soon”. The game was removed from Steam later that same day and presumably around this same date on itch.io.

Unfortunately, I will be retiring Wacky Wheels HD from Steam soon. There were three major reasons for this decision:

– My license for the IP has expired
– Its game engine is badly outdated and unmaintainable
– The online server, similarly, has had issues and is no longer in operation

If you purchased the game recently and are having too many technical issues, my recommendation is that you seek a refund through Steam.

If that’s not an option for you, please get in touch and I can give you a key to a current game of mine or a future release. support (at) cascadiagames (dot) com

Steam Announcement – May 21, 2020

On July 7th, 2021, developer Cascadia Games announced on Mastodon that they were able to relist the game on itch.io for free after the IP holders “graciously allowed the current game” to exist. As of November 2023 the game remains available on itch.io in a somewhat diminished state and also on iOS as Wacky Wheels HD Kart Racing. Interestingly, this mobile version is the only one that continues to be sold at a cost. Elsewhere, the original 1994 version of Wacky Wheels remains available on Steam and GOG.com.

About the Game

The Wack is Back, Jack!
The road is a dangerous place, especially when overrun with wild animals in go-karts! This is the official reboot of Apogee’s classic racing game Wacky Wheels. It features the ferocious critters, cramped tracks, and wicked powerups that fans of the original expect along with new HD, cartoon graphics.

Race like it’s 1994!

Wacky Wheels HD is an all-new game with unique tracks and features based on the original game and its contemporaries. It draws inspiration from Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Konami Crazy Racers, Atari Karts, and more. The entire gang is back: Uno, Sultan, Morris, Peggles, Razer, Ringo, Blombo, Tigi plus introducing Hari the grizzly bear!

  • 16 race tracks each with a unique theme
  • Up to 8 players online multiplayer
  • Up to 4 players local split-screen games
  • Cross-platform gameplay: Mac and PC users can challenge each other online
  • Grand prix and time trial modes
  • Combat and duck hunt modes
  • Mirror mode Grand Prix
  • The original soundtrack remastered
  • HD cartoon “mode 7” art style
  • Ample opportunities to pickup and chuck hedgehogs

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