Veiled Experts shutting down on December 14th

Veiled Experts shutting down on December 14th

Nexon announced a couple of weeks ago that their Early Access, free-to-play multiplayer shooter, Veiled Experts, will be shutting down on PC and Steam on December 14th. The game launched just earlier this year and has maintained reasonably positive reviews and hundreds of daily players but it’s apparently not enough and Nexon are already looking to “start anew in order to create a better game”. They followed up on November 30th to announce a more concrete timeline for different regions and to confirm the game’s social accounts and support will also be ending on December 14th. Until the 14th the game will remain accessible for new and existing players.

Agents from around the world, This is VEILED EXPERTS.

Today, we are here to announce with a heavy heart that we will be concluding the live services of VEILED EXPERTS.

Foremost, we want to express gratitude to our agents for the love you’ve shown for VEILED EXPERTS. Your devotion and passion were what made our moments most remarkable and memorable.

From the Alpha Test in December 2021 to Early Access, we made our best efforts to create a game to provide an enjoyable and pleasant experience, but we apologize for falling short.

With a profound passion for the game at their hearts, the VEILED EXPERTS Development & Service Team discussed this matter at great length.

In the end, we determined that it was time to start anew in order to create a better game and must reluctantly deliver our farewells.

VEILED EXPERTS will maintain its services for about a month until December 14th (Thurs.) [KST]

We apologize that we could not come to you with better news. We will notify you further about the exact details of the schedule at a later notice.

VEILED EXPERTS may not always have been perfect but we want to thank you for the kind love and support you’ve shown us. We will always remember our shared moments together through VEILED EXPERTS in our hearts.

Thank you for enjoying VEILED EXPERTS.


Announcement – November 13, 2023 (Steam)

Agents from around the world, This is VEILED EXPERTS.

As announced in the Service Closure notice posted on November 14th, we will be taking steps to end live services following the schedule below.

[ Schedule for Closing Services ]

  • [PST]: December 14th (Thurs.), 2023 00:00 AM
  • [UTC]: December 14th (Thurs.), 2023 08:00 AM
  • [KST]: December 14th (Thurs.), 2023 05:00 PM
  • Live services and related support will be closed.
  • The official website and Discord channel will no longer be available.

* From this point forth, the game will not be accessible, and all information within the game will be deleted.

Thank you for enjoying VEILED EXPERTS.

Announcement – November 29, 2023 (Steam)

We’ve added the date to the Watch List calendar and will have a page up on the site later. Thanks again to Jojoman32 for submitting the news to the site.