Ubisoft to remove Rocksmith 2014 on October 23rd and DLC over time

Ubisoft to remove Rocksmith 2014 on October 23rd and DLC over time

In similar fashion to Rocksmith (2011), which was delisted in 2021, Ubisoft announced the delisting of Rocksmith 2014 from digital storefronts effective October 23, 2023. Rocksmith 2014 DLC will be removed “over time.” The news begins:

Nearly 10 years ago we launched Rocksmith 2014 and set out on a journey of learning and playing guitar together, practicing old favorites, and discovering new ones along the way. We thank you for an incredible decade and know a big part of that was being able to feature officially licensed music to learn and play in Rocksmith 2014.

Now as we approach that decade mark, we must remove Rocksmith 2014 for purchase from all digital storefronts as of October 23, 2023. DLC packs and Singles for Rocksmith 2014 will be removed from those storefronts over time as well.

If you already own Rocksmith 2014 or any DLC from Rocksmith 2014, you will still be able to install, download, re-download, play, and use those products. You should experience no change or interruption in your access. If you do not own those products, you will not be able to purchase them digitally once they are removed from storefronts.

Ubisoft.com – September 22, 2023

This delisting affects Steam, Xbox Marketplace, and PlayStation Store versions. With no definitive timeline for the DLC removal, I’d plan to grab all the ones you want by October 23rd too. We’ll be losing 66 songs from the base 2014 game and 1,447 songs via DLC – though some DLC may already be gone as the list includes those from Rocksmith (2011), which were also compatible with Rocksmith 2014. Here’s a nice Wikipedia entry on Rocksmith DLC.

Ubisoft wraps up the article by urging people to move over to their next project, Rocksmith+ and a very brief three question and answer section.

We’ll make a game entry and add it to the Watch List. Thanks for the heads up Samuel T. and HandMaskTar!