Two more editors needed!

Two more editors needed!

Hello! This is n64ra, and I’ve been helping out on Delisted Games for over two months now. The pay is great and the benefits are top notch – I get to chat with Shawn! This is a fun endeavor, but it’s clear we need two more people to help write news articles and create game entries to keep things running smoothly.

For a news article, I spend about 10 minutes on a small indie Steam title like Table Ball or around 20 minutes on a larger game from a major publisher like Rocksmith 2014. That’s in part because news on independent games is small, but also in part because I am curious on a) what happened to Rocksmith (2011) and b) how much DLC there was for the game. Sometimes, the most time consuming part is looking (or cropping) an image for the header! I can’t check the google sheet every day and need another set of eyes to do some of the work. And as a note, we only write articles for games that are going to be delisted. If something snuck by us, we only create a game entry for it.

Speaking of game entries, HandMaskTar told me the work is minimal other than searching for the links to fill in the table. This task does happen more frequently since we create entries for both already delisted games and upcoming delisted games. I’m going to start helping him out here, but we need another person to jointly create entries.

If we don’t get help, the site will suffer and updates will be curtailed. Maybe we’ll only cover major delisting like the Xbox 360 Marketplace closure or something from EA/Ubisoft going offline. Maybe game entries will disappear, and we’ll only have news. That’d be a total shame, especially since we know there’s a great community out there already posting comments on our articles!

I know there was a thought that all we need is a list of games being / already delisted. We have that in the game submission form here. If you enjoy more information about the games, please reach out to Shawn at:

We’re counting on you! If you want to help but are unsure, we’ll answer your questions and help you feel at ease as you start posting.

Thank you!