Turok: Escape from Lost Valley

Turok: Escape from Lost Valley

Digital ReleaseSteam
June 25, 2019

Xbox One
July 22, 2020 (AU, EU, JP, NA)
DelistingJanuary 08, 2022 – Steam
January 2022 – Xbox One
DeveloperPillow Pig Games
PublisherPillow Pig Games
Available OnNone
LinksSteamDB page
Xbox.com page


Turok: Escape from Lost Valley was delisted on Steam on January 8th, 2022 and around this same time on Xbox One. A post was made on the game’s Steam Store page on January 7th stating only that “Turok: Escape from Lost Valley will soon not be available to buy”. The game was most likely delisted due to expired licensing from Turok copyright holders Penguin Random House and Universal City Studios, both of whom are credited in the Steam description of the game.

About the Game

Based on the classic Turok Son of Stone comic book characters.

In Turok: Escape from Lost Valley, you wake from a long sleep as Turok and adventure alongside Andar through the dangerous world of the Lost Valley as you seek to find a path home.

Encounter iconic creatures from the Turok comic series with a cute but dangerous twist. Master the art of the knife and the bow as you encounter adorable but deadly enemies, discover a path through unique environments, and choose the best weapon for the enemy in front of you.

Live the adventure! Confront your foes, assist primordial natives, and keep Andar and yourself alive as you Escape from Lost Valley!

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