Those mysterious Xbox 360 discounts are actually permanent price reductions, and more are incoming!

Those mysterious Xbox 360 discounts are actually permanent price reductions, and more are incoming!

Good news on those surprise Xbox 360 sales we reported on yesterday, they aren’t a glitch. The Xbox Wire news feed was updated on Tuesday with a post formally announcing the discounts that eagle-eyed readers had spotted days earlier. And best of all, these discounted prices aren’t temporary: Microsoft has been working with publishers to bring permanent (and deep) price reductions to the Xbox 360 Marketplace leading up to its closure on July 29th.

To celebrate the legacy of Xbox 360, we’re working with our amazing publishing partners to bring you as many price reductions from our online store or from the Xbox 360 Store on the console. We’ll be updating this list with more games on June 18, 2024, and on July 16, 2024, bringing you as many repriced games as possible before the end of July. These price reductions will remain in place for each game through the 360 store closing on July 29, 2024. 

Xbox Wire Announcement – May 14, 2024

I’ve copied over the current list of titles from the post with links directly to each game’s Marketplace page but you may still have an easier time digging out an actual Xbox 360 console to hunt down these deals.  As has been well established over the last year or more, it’s getting harder to actually buy things from the Xbox 360 Marketplace website with timeouts, errors, and incomplete sales being frequently reported. And that was before the news of these discounts broke which has probably sent some of their servers spiking.

Despite the struggles involved, it’s great news to see; a platform holder putting forth any effort to discount its library before it all becomes inaccessible. We’ll be back to update on June 18th and July 16th and have added those dates to the Watch List calendar as well.

Alien Rage90%
Alone In The Dark75%
Black Knight Sword75%
Bloody Good Time80%
Child of Light80%
Cloudberry Kingdom80%
Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Elements80%
Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon75%
Dogfight 194290%
Enemy Front90%
Fantastic Pets75%
Far Cry 480%
Fighters Uncaged80%
Final Exam67%
Geon: Emotions85%
Handball 1690%
Hunter’s Trophy 2 – America90%
Hunter’s Trophy 2 – Australia90%
IHF Handball Challenge 1490%
Just Dance 201480%
Just Dance 201580%
Just Dance 201680%
Just Dance 201880%
Just Dance 201980%
Just Dance® Kids 201480%
Kane and Lynch: Dead Men85%
Legend of Kay Anniversary75%
Mini Ninjas Adventures85%
MotionSports: Adrenaline80%
MX VS ATV Supercross75%
My Body Coach 390%
Panzer General Allied Assault80%
PowerUp Heroes80%
Puzzle Arcade85%
Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show80%
Raving Rabbids: Alive & Kicking80%
Rise of the Tomb Raider80%
Risen 3 Titan Lords75%
Risk Urban Assault80%
Self-Defense Training Camp80%
Sniper: Ghost Warrior90%
Space Invaders Infinity Gene85%
Star Raiders80%
The Book of Unwritten Tales 275%
The Escapists85%
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Chaos Theory80%
Tomb Raider75%
Trials Fusion80%
Valiant Hearts: The Great War80%
Voodoo Dice80%
War World80%
Watch Dogs80%
Worms Revolution50%
Worms: Ultimate Mayhem75%
WRC 5 FIA World Rally Championship90%
Yar’s Revenge80%
Zombie Driver HD75%