The Punisher: No Mercy

The Punisher: No Mercy

Digital Release:PlayStation 3
July 02, 2009 (EU, US)
Delisting (approx):Early 2011
Developer:Zen Studios
Publisher:Zen Studios
Available On:None
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The Punisher: No Mercy was delisted from PlayStation 3 in early 2011. One of the first posts questioning its availability was posted on February 5th, 2011 on the message board for the game at GameFAQs. On April 8th, 2011 a Zen Studios representative confirmed the delisting in a reply to a forum post about the game:

“Unfortunately, our license from Marvel expired, so we had to take it off the store. Too bad it’s digital, or it would be a rare collector’s item in a few years… We’d like to thank everyone who did buy the game – we hope you’ve gotten your $10/10EUR worth of enjoyment out of it!”

About the Game

THE PUNISHER: NO MERCY is a first-person shooter set in the Marvel Universe, available exclusively for the PlayStation®Network on the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system. Powered by the latest version of the Unreal Engine, it offers frantic, arcade-style shooting action with a heavy focus on multiplayer modes, supporting up to 8 players online.

Your goal is simple – survive the grim world of THE PUNISHER: NO MERCY. Choose your avatar from eight unique characters, from the Punisher himself to his sworn archenemy, Jigsaw. Assemble your arsenal from a wide range of weaponry and almost superhuman abilities. Use cover and power-ups to your advantage. Seek out and destroy any opposition either on your own or with teammates.

Finally, unravel an exclusive Punisher story brought to life by acclaimed Marvel artist Mike Deodato.

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