The Beatles: Rock Band loses 32 DLC Songs May 5th

The Beatles: Rock Band loses 32 DLC Songs May 5th


There is nothing more tenuous when it comes to delistings than licensed music. It’s something Harmonix is graciously on top of in their community forum, keeping everyone up to date on the songs that are leaving the Rock Band Music Store accessible across the various titles. I don’t think I’m going to relay every single DLC delisting that they post but the latest one is quite the to-do.

After the release of The Beatles: Rock Band on PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 in 2009, Harmonix supported the game with three downloadable albums from the band’s illustrious catalog. Abbey Road, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Rubber Soul have been available from within The Beatles: Rock Band since late 2009 but the deal is finally expired and the 32 songs will be pulled on May 5th, 2016.

The Beatles: Rock Band really feels like a miracle of licensing spearheaded by a lot of goodwill from Harmonix. I’m still surprised it ever happened but one of the caveats of the deal stated that the songs could never be exported or folded in with another Rock Band title. Save for “All You Need Is Love” which saw an individual release, if you’re interested in grabbing these three albums you’ll need a physical copy of The Beatles: Rock Band itself.

Source: Polygon