Texas Cheat’em

Texas Cheat’em

texascheatmeDigital Release:Xbox 360
May 13, 2009 (JP, NA)

PlayStation 3
May 14, 2009 (JP, NA)

August 10, 2009
DelistingJuly 13, 2015 – Steam
July 2015 – PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Developer:Wideload Games
Publisher:D3 Publisher
Available On:None
Links:Xbox.com page
PlayStation Blog post
Steam Community Hub


Texas Cheat’em was delisted on July 13th, 2015 on Steam. The game was delisted from Xbox 360 between June 26th and September 8th, 2015 though it and its PlayStation 3 counterpart were likely delisted around the same time as the Steam version in July.

Wideload Games was acquired by Disney on September 8th, 2009 and later closed on March 6th, 2014. The delisting in 2015 is likely tied to the closure with no staff to continue support or keep the game listed on console marketplaces.

About the Game

Texas Cheat’em – the poker game that gives you the ability to win just like the pros – by cheating! With a treasure trove of tricks hidden up your sleeve, there’s no such thing as a “bad hand!” Bamboozle the competition, bag their cash, and bluff your way into poker history!

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