Digital ReleaseSteam
June 04, 2021
DelistingMarch 01, 2023
Available OnNone (See Below)
Links itch.io homepage


Developer and publisher Neolark announced on February 14th, 2023 that their sole release of Tetracosm would be leaving Steam in just a few weeks on March 1st.

Letting everybody know that Tetracosm’s retiring from Steam on March 1. Just can’t really feasibly keep it going. It sounds like current Tetracosm owners will still be able to download and play the game. I sincerely hope some of you out there enjoyed it!

Steam Announcement – February 14, 2023

On March 1st Neolark updated the game’s itch.io page where a demo and soundtrack from the game had been available since at least 2022. They updated the game’s description to read “here you can still get the oldish demo and the full soundtrack too. It retired from Steam but you can still see stuff here. If I ever get around to it I might put the rest of the game here at some point”.

About the Game

Tetracosm. It’s the story of a curious cosmos you explore as Pseudo, a little not-quite-definite yellow raptor thing.

  • Explore diverse environs. All colorful and unique, some dangerous, some pretty chill, and all connected under an uncertain fate.
  • Experience an odd story. Soak in some otherworldly lore and see what fate has in mind for this universe.
  • Befriend some curious characters along the way. Some are pretty helpful. Some are pretty available-for-chatting at least.
  • Power up using the things you find along the way. Acquire helpful and destructive abilities.
  • Overcome platformy obstacles in your path. Run, jump, swim, dodge, duck, sleep, and DESTROY all that oppose your progress!
  • Fight bosses! And regular enemies. Maybe they just hate the color yellow?
  • Discover secrets. There are quite a few. They might help out.

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