Survival Academy

Survival Academy

Digital ReleaseSteam
November 07, 2022
DelistingSeptember 10, 2023
PublisherORAK Workshop
Available OnNone
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Publisher ORAK Workshop announced on September 6th, 2023 that developer GaniTani’s Survival Academy would be removed from sale on Steam in just a few days on September 10th.

Hello. This is an ORAK WORKSHOP.

After much deliberation, we have decided to end the official service of Survival Academy and are hereby informing our users. We are very sorry to deliver this news to the users who have loved and enjoyed Survival Academy. In addition, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the users who have provided support and encouragement for Survival Academy.

The Survival Academy will remain open until September 10th and will then end. If you have already downloaded it, you can continue to play it without any problems Once again, we apologize for not being able to repay your support.

Steam Announcement – September 06, 2023

Survival Academy was ORAK‘s only published title on Steam and with GaniTani continuing to develop and release titles on the platform, the delisting seems to be related to ORAK shutting down their publishing operations. GaniTani’s upcoming release, Strange Hunting Grounds, also bears a resemblance to Survival Academy and may be the reason that the developer has not announced plans to bring back this older title.

About the Game

Tremendous progress is made including a new game universe, expedition system, weapons, skills, and a lot more!! Experience the Survival Academy that is more powerful than ever!

How far in hell have you been? Are you going to conquer the hells?
In the not-so-distant future… The planet is irreversibly polluted so even finding clean air is nearly impossible. As the gates of hell suddenly appeared, the recruitment of expeditions to conquer the hells has begun. That’s how the survival academy becomes the last hope of mankind longing for survival…

Conquer the hells and find a new home! Encounter with mysterious helper and various creatures, And what’s the secret behind the hells that they are, and Lucifer is hiding?

Let’s not fight alone. A new way of fighting through the formation of an expedition
Novel expedition system, which is completely different from the existing Survival Academy combat method! Utilize the newly added special skills and expedition skills to build your journey and find the strongest combination to succeed in conquering the hells.

As well as mission quests that must be completed in fierce battles!!! Kill two birds with one stone and discover flex rewards!!
New monsters, and new achievements! Crazily pouring rewards!! Rewards accumulate as you find and clear various thrilling achievements! Survival Academy where you can enjoy obtaining achievements and upgrading characters

Hell! Face your fear and encounter at the end. It’s the time for the demons from hell to be petrified!!!
Explore the depths of the underworld and acquire resources. From the Acheron River to the Level 9 Betrayal Hell, clear the hells that exist on each floor against the backdrop of Dante’s Inferno one by one!! Please look forward to the latest Hell World that unfolds on each stage, and the Survival Academy Hell which will be updated continuously.