Sumikko Gurashi – Omise Hajimerun Desu

Sumikko Gurashi – Omise Hajimerun Desu

Digital ReleaseNintendo 3DS
November 19, 2015 (JP)
DelistingMay 31, 2021
DeveloperNippon Columbia
PublisherNippon Columbia
Available OnRetail
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A message on the Japanese 3DS eShop was posted around May 29th to let owners know that four Sumikko Gurashi titles would be removed from sale on Monday, May 31st at 10:00am JST. All four titles are exclusive to Japan and were released digitally and physically between 2014 and 2017. The four titles include:

Sumikko Gurashi – Koko ga Ochitsukun Desu (2014)
すみっコぐらし ここがおちつくんです

Sumikko Gurashi – Omise Hajimerun Desu (2015)
すみっコぐらし おみせはじめるんです

Sumikko Gurashi – Mura o Tsukurun Desu  (2016)
すみっコぐらし むらをつくるんです

Sumikko Gurashi – Koko, Doko Nandesu? (2017)
すみっコぐらし ここ、どこなんです?

Since the newer Sumikko titles for the Switch were not being delisted at the same time, it would seem that the publishing arrangements for these older 3DS releases had simply expired.

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