Digital ReleasePC
April 09, 2015 – Steam
DelistingNo earlier than October 2018
DeveloperS2 Games
PublisherS2 Games
Available OnNone (See Below)
LinksSteamDB page


Strife was likely removed from Steam in October of 2018 when S2 Games quietly ceased operations. Unlike Brawl of Ages, a more definitive SteamDB event for Strife cannot be identified and it may not have disappeared from the Steam Store until early in 2019. As a free-to-play title the game can still be claimed and downloaded through its SteamDB page. Charts show that there are still a surprising number of active players even into 2024.

About the Game

Enter the Hero
In Strife®, you will assume control of a powerful hero. Each hero is uniquely designed to embody a play-style or idea, and heroes are by far the most important aspect of any game of Strife. As a hero, you will decide how the game flows, how quickly it progresses, and whether the outcome is favourable for your team. All Strife heroes are freely available from your very first match!

Community First
How your fellow players behave matters a lot in online multiplayer games. Strife is designed from the ground up to encourage cooperation and reduce toxic conflicts.

Customize Your Armoury
Crafting enables you to change item components and recipes, allowing any item to be part of your arsenal.

Every Hero Needs a Sidekick
A Pet will accompany you onto the battlefield, offering you unique advantages. Play to unlock more pets to expand your options.

Shared Last Hit Gold
Fight your opponents, not your allies. Last Hit bounties obtained from brawler and hero kills are split between contributing teammates.

Out of Combat Regeneration
Staying out of combat for a short period of time will significantly increase your Health and Mana regeneration, allowing you to stay near the action instead of going back to base.

Personal Courier
Each player has an invulnerable personal courier to automatically deliver purchased items.