Brawl of Ages

Brawl of Ages

Digital ReleaseSteam
September 12, 2017
DelistingJanuary 2019
DeveloperS2 Games
PublisherS2 Games
Available OnNone (See Below)
LinksSteamDB page


Like Savage Resurrection, Brawl of Ages appears to have been removed from Steam in January of 2019 although S2 Games ceased operations in October of the previous year. As a free-to-play title the game can still be claimed and downloaded through its SteamDB page. Charts show that there are still small handfuls of active players even into 2024.

About the Game

Brawl of Ages is a free to play, multiplayer Collectible Card Arena game that draws elements from the most fun, exciting and competitive gameplay aspects of several different genres, including CCGs, MOBAs, RTS & Tower Defense.

  • Fast-paced 1v1 arena battles.
  • Matchmaking & Ladder rankings.
  • Full Featured Brawl Clubs (clans): Text & Voice Chat, Friendly Challenge with up to 50 Club members. Compete in the Club v Club Ladder and earn extra free content together.
  • Built-in VoIP and text chat in Smash Parties where you & your friends can challenge each other and compete for the bounty rewarded to the final champion.
  • Robust crafting system allowing players to directly craft the cards they desire most.
  • Gameplay modes & experience that caters to both highly competitive & casual gamers.

Brawl of Ages was designed with several factors in mind: for all types of gamers to be able to have a fun time competing against each other in fair & balanced matchups, without having to deal with some of the more recently prevalent game models that feature power multipliers, gated content, slow & painful progression, and unfair matches where their opponents could have stronger cards than them because they chose to pay for a power advantage. BoA’s gameplay balance is for the highly competitive gamer and free of any pay-to-win mechanics.