Stranded Nightmare

Stranded Nightmare

Digital ReleaseSteam
October 19, 2022
DelistingFebruary 19, 2023
DeveloperMichael Janisch
PublisherMichael Janisch
Available OnNone
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Michael Janisch announced on February 12th, 2023 that their first release on Steam, Stranded Nightmare, would be retired and removed from sale “soon”. The game was ultimately removed from Steam on February 19th.

Stranded Nightmare will be retired and no longer sold. Lack of quality and missing time because of new way better projects I’m working on have resulted in this decision. Keep in mind this was my first game ever and I learned a lot making this game. But I’m happy to be able to make quality games now because of increased knowledge and learning from past mistakes. I hope you can understand.

Steam Announcement – February 12, 2023

About the Game

As a stranded sailor you find yourself on an Island with strange occurrences. Try to survive in an dynamic environment consisting of beautiful nature, bunker systems and terrifying experimental science facilities, against humanoid Creatures. Can you find a way to escape and solve the mystery of this Island? An inventory system and multiple weapons help you to defend yourself and conquer the challenges.

The scary and thrilling atmosphere guarantees an exciting and entertaining experience. Pick up the pieces and gather information from notes of disappeard military personnel and scientists. Explore the big Island and its hidden underground world! Use your flashlight to navigate through the jungle when the sun is down. There might be something in the darkness, be careful!

The developers describe the content like this: Occasional Violence and Scary Sound Effects

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