Stranded Nightmare and ‘Math it Right’ leaving Steam soon

Stranded Nightmare and ‘Math it Right’ leaving Steam soon

Another heads-up on a pair of Steam releases that will be delisted “soon”. First up is Stranded Nightmare which was Michael Janisch’s first released title, hitting Steam just last October. The announcement was made Sunday, February 12th.

Stranded Nightmare will be retired and no longer sold. Lack of quality and missing time because of new way better projects I’m working on have resulted in this decision. Keep in mind this was my first game ever and I learned a lot making this game. But I’m happy to be able to make quality games now because of increased knowledge and learning from past mistakes. I hope you can understand.

Steam Announcement – February 12, 2023

The next title is Math it Right 3D Adventure. Developer and publisher Jaunty Bear Games posted the news on February 11th announcing that the studio is shutting down and so Math it Right will be removed from Steam soon. This was Jaunty Bear’s only release on Steam.

Thanks to Serrated-banner9 for submitting the news, we’ll have pages up on the site later.