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Stardew Valley delisted on PlayStation 4 in Europe but it’s coming back [UPDATED]

Stardew Valley delisted on PlayStation 4 in Europe but it’s coming back [UPDATED]

[UPDATE 02/28/21] Thanks to everyone for pointing out that the Vita version of Stardew Valley has yet to return in Australia and Europe. Hopefully it is still clearing certification like the PS4 version before it.

[UPDATE 02/25/21] Though it took longer than expected, Stardew Valley has been relisted on PlayStation 4 across Australian and European territories. Original post from 12/19/20 follows.

Stardew Valley, the fan favorite farm life sim created by one Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, was delisted on PlayStation 4 back in August but only in Europe. Fortunately, the game will return and is not under threat of a long-term global delisting, but the process has been slower than expected. This series of tweets from Barone illustrates just one of the challenges publishers face when releasing a game on multiple platforms in multiple territories.

This time it’s Sony’s certification process slowing things down in just one region. For another game it could be working with a specific publisher for a localized release that sees the game delisted in a different territory. And of course there’s always the expired licensing contract waiting to take another game offline. Hopefully Stardew Valley really does return soon to Europe this time. If it’s delisted for much longer I will go ahead and add a page to the site. Thanks to @Kaizuken for pointing out this news.