Solbrain: Knight of Darkness

Solbrain: Knight of Darkness

Digital Release:PlayStation 4
August 16, 2016 (US)
Delisting (approx):After August 30, 2016
Developer:LGS Productions
Publisher:LGS Productions
Available On:None
Links:PlayStation Blog post
Kotaku article
Tech Raptor article forum discussion


Solbrain: Knight of Darkness was likely delisted on or shortly after August 30th, 2016. At the time the game was on sale at a discount price to PlayStation Plus subscribers during its launch week. The latest reporting came from Kotaku on August 25th, 2016 when the game was still available to buy. This post and several others chronicled the game’s near-total use of stolen or “flipped” assets from other games. This is most certainly the reason that the game was delisted.


About the Game

The old gods have forgotten this land (Cannae). No one could save our people when darkness began to spread and collect the souls of men for his army. Solbrain – Knight of Darkness is a 3D exploration game.

Player takes place (Gaia), a young warrior tired of struggle that must wield his sword to rescue his people from the darkness, and avenge the death of his parents against the powerful (Anibal) and his army of monsters and warriors.


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