Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat

Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat

Digital ReleaseSteam
July 07, 2015
DelistingFebruary 20, 2023
DeveloperMoment Studio
PublisherMoment Studio
Available OnNone
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Moment Studio announced on February 17th, 2023 that Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat would soon be delisted from Steam. It was ultimately removed from the store on February 20th. Although the last hosted server was said to be shutting down at some point afterwards, existing owners can reportedly continue to play with private servers and through open lobby games.

Scraps will soon be delisted from the Steam store. Scraps has been selling near zero copies for quite some time, and although I’ve kept it running for a long while, I can’t keep supporting it forever. Apart from keeping the main server running, eventually some OS or hardware update is bound to come out that breaks something in Scraps, and it’s running on such an old version of the Unity engine that it’ll be impossible to fix without a huge amount of work to upgrade. I don’t feel it’s fair to continue selling a game that’s unsupported.

Soon Scraps will no longer be available to purchase, and the remaining USA server that I keep running will be shut down.

Thankfully Scraps does not require a central server to keep multiplayer working. If you already own the game, you will still be able to download it in your Steam library and play it, and although there will be no permanent official multiplayer server running, anyone should still be able to host a server – be it either a dedicated server, or a game they’re playing in that they’ve set to allow others to join. On LAN or Internet as always. Those systems run on Steam’s own back-end.

Thank you all so much for the great memories of making and playing Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat.

Steam Announcement – February 17, 2023

About the Game

Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat is a vehicle combat game where you build your vehicle from parts, and where success lies just as much in designing a well-crafted vehicle as in your combat skills. Design from the chassis up, then pit your creation against humans or AI.

Scraps lets you create a vehicle that’s great or a vehicle that sucks. Maybe your vehicle falls over when it corners or doesn’t have enough power to fire its weapons – that’s okay. Maybe it doesn’t need an engine because it moves by firing its cannons backwards. You decide what you drive.

Your design choices aren’t just cosmetic – they’re truly functional and at the very least affect the weight and balance of your vehicle. Battle in single-player against the AI, on LAN, or over the Internet. Easily host your own LAN or Internet games. Using the Scraps demo version, your friends can join a LAN game even if they don’t own the full game.

Melee mode is classic “deathmatch”-style gameplay in single or multiplayer, where you fight against other vehicles in a combat arena. When you take out other vehicles, scavenge from their wreckage to repair or upgrade your own vehicle in-game.

Gauntlet is a singleplayer mode where you make your way through increasingly hostile terrain while building up your vehicle’s value, fighting enemy vehicles, turrets, and drones.

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