Digital ReleaseSteam
April 18, 2017
DelistingFebruary 28, 2023
DeveloperFancy Bear Games
PublisherFancy Bear Games
Available OnNone
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Fancy Bear Games originally announced in September of 2022 that Schlocks had gone free-to-play but that it would eventually be removed from sale. They then followed up on February 20th, 2023 to confirm that the game would be “closed” and removed from Steam on February 28th.

As mentioned in my last post that while Schlocks was able to live free-to-play for a bit, it eventually had to come to a close. Schlocks will be closing and leaving Steam on February 28th.

I once again really appreciate anyone that reached out and played the game over the last few months. It is possible that Schlocks will re-open again in the future, but only time will tell.

Steam Announcement – February 20, 2023

It remains unclear if the game can still be played for those who previously purchased or claimed it.

About the Game

Schlocks, your favorite mini-games department store, understands you, the consumer. Every game at Schlocks is a whopping 10 seconds to try our product(s), and experience what everyone’s been talking about! Hop in, test a product in one of our patented Microscopic Games™, and then be suddenly whisked away to a new one; it’s an adventure unlike any other you’ve experienced at a department store! We’re so sure you’ll love shopping with us, that we can promise a consideration of the suggestion of a money back guarantee, or else! That’s the Schlocks-brand Commitment™ that you can count on.

  • 50+ games in Early Access with over 100 on final release.
  • Enjoy competitive party gaming with friends, while also giving friends a good laugh at their expense.
  • … or play all alone if you have no friends. It’s still fun!
  • Explore 10 different departments of the Schlocks Store, including the farm, kitchen, ocean, carnival, and more!
  • Unbeatable value! That’s the Schlocks-brand Commitment™ that you can count on.

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