Redfall to receive previously canned “offline” update after all

Redfall to receive previously canned “offline” update after all

As if the studio closures that Microsoft announced at the beginning of the month weren’t bad enough, the news that Redfall would barely miss a final expansion that would bring long-promised single-player features just felt like an extra layer of disappointment. Although Arkane Austin is still being shut down the game’s social media accounts did confirm on Friday the 17th that some of those promised features will make it into the game yet.

Thank you for all your supportive messages. 

We are working to release our final update, Game Update 4, that brings revamped Neighborhood and Nest systems, Single Player Pausing, Offline Mode, and more. 

We’ll provide additional details soon. Thank you all.

Redfall Twitter Post – May 17, 2024

Despite Microsoft closing the studio they did promise that Redfall would remain online, but it clearly won’t be around for years to come after its underwhelming reception and, now, with no studio to support it. So it’s good to see they’re letting that last update out that could at least potentially make it playable in a local/offline state into the future. The original update containing these features was reportedly slated for a release in October so look for more news as the Summer months wear on.