Warsaw to be delisted from GOG on September 20th (but already gone?!) [Update: Replaced with Warsaw Rising: City of Heroes on Steam]

[UPDATE #2: 08/28/23] This Steam version of WARSAW has been replaced with WASAW RISING: City of Heroes, and the Steam link to WARSAW now redirects to it. This is a free-to-play game, which alters the game mechanics among other things as described in the initial blog for WARSAW RISING. Fans weren’t happy so the developers

Crysis 3 and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst losing online features this year [Update: Removed from Service Update page!]

[UPDATE #2: 08/24/23] Eagle eye readers noticed that both Crysis 3 and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst are now removed from the Service Update pages on ea.com. Does that mean both are keeping online features past September 7th and December 8th or is it a mistake? Hopefully that’s an intentional change, but since we don’t know, I’ll