Mad World MMO shutting down July 4th

Developer Jandisoft announced earlier today that their strikingly grim MMORPG, Mad World, will be shutting down on July 4th despite the game having just launched on Steam in January. Looking back at their updates, the game appears to have struggled with design and stability issues as it moved from alpha testing to open beta status

Wayfinder ditches live service model to “live forever”, returns to Steam June 11th and PlayStation later this year

Airship Syndicate’s Wayfinder launched in Early Access on Steam and PlayStation 4 & 5 just this past August. But it was an inauspicious start as publisher Digital Extreme’s backend faltered resulting in downtime, server queues, and the current Mixed-to-Mostly-Negative reception for the free-to-play Action RPG. Worse yet, just months later Digital Extremes announced several layoffs