Digital Release:Steam, Xbox 360
October 31, 2012 (AU, EU, US)

PlayStation 3
November 06, 2012 (AU, EU, US)
Delisting (approx):No later than May 05, 2017 - Xbox 360
Developer:Might and Delight
Publisher:D3 Publisher (Xbox 360)
Might and Delight (Steam, PlayStation 3)
Available On:Steam
PlayStation 3
Links:Pid homepage page


Pid was delisted from Xbox 360 no later than May 5th, 2017. This is the last date that captures show that the game was available to purchase. By the next capture on July 10th, it had been removed from sale. The game remains available on Steam and PlayStation 3 where it was published by Might and Delight directly, indicating that the Xbox 360 delisting is related to D3 Publisher.


About the Game

Pid is our ‘nod’ to old platforming adventure games and its action packed challenges and mindtwisting puzzles ultimately test the players creative ability and platforming skills. You play as a school boy stranded on a bizarre planet where he uncovers a huge conspiracy that keeps the planet mesmerized and prevents him from ever reaching home.


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