Digital Release:Steam
May 30, 2017

PlayStation 4, Xbox One
June 07, 2017 (AU, EU, US)

Nintendo Switch
October 31, 2017 (EU, US)
Delisting (approx):No later than September 27, 2018 - PlayStation 4 (US)
Developer:The Deep End Games
Publisher:The Deep End Games
Available On:Digital:
PlayStation 4 (AU, EU)
Nintendo Switch
Xbox One discussion page


Perception was delisted from the PlayStation 4 in North America no later than September 27th, 2018, the same day that Perception: Remastered was released on that platform. The game remains available on all other platforms for which it was released, indicating that the North American PS4 delisting was solely to avoid confusion between the two versions.

Remastered releases are not out of the question for other platforms and so the original versions may eventually be delisted there as well.


About the Game

Perception is a first-person narrative adventure game that tells the story of Cassie, a blind heroine who uses her extraordinary hearing and razor-sharp wits to unravel the mysteries of an abandoned estate that haunts her dreams.

After months of research, she discovers an abandoned mansion in Gloucester, MA. Once there, Cassie finds that Echo Bluff is worse than her nightmares. A ghastly Presence has tormented its inhabitants over generations, and it now hunts Cassie. She must solve the estate’s mysteries or become one of its victims.

Perception presents unique gameplay mechanics and mixes it with an uncanny artstyle. Visuals are being created by sounds to let Cassie “see” using her echolocation abilities.


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