Pacific Fighters

Pacific Fighters

Digital ReleaseSteam
DelistingNo later than March 27, 2011
Developer1C: Maddox Games
Available OnDigital
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The standalone release of Pacific Fighters was delisted on Steam no later than March 27th, 2011. This is the date that the earliest capture of the IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 page on Steam reflects the inclusion of Pacific Fighters in its “5 Games in One” description. 

The standalone release may have been delisted due to publishing changes between 1C and Ubisoft around this separate title. It is also possible that it was delisted to incentivize purchases of the all inclusive 1946 release which was updated to include the Pacific Fighters content along with other IL-2 expansion packs. IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 and the Pacific Fighters content remain available on Steam as of this writing.

About the Game

The award-winning flight combat from Oleg Maddox’s IL-2 series moves the setting from the Eastern front to the fierce combat of the Pacific theater. Allied fighters and bombers square off against the notorious air power of the Japanese empire. For the first time, a large variety of British aircraft will be included along with the U.S. and Australia. Target enemy ships, vehicles, airfields, and a host of AI-controlled aircraft. Re-enact some of the most famous air battles of WWII in places like Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal, and Iwo Jima.

  • Award-winning and upgraded IL-2-style flight combat with unsurpassed flight physics.
  • All new setting with 16 new maps that include some of the most famous battle sites of WWII, such as Midway, Okinawa, Pearl Harbor, and Guadalcanal.
  • Over 40 aircraft to choose from, including the famous Japanese Zero and the largest selection of bombers ever offered in the IL-2 series.
  • Aircraft carriers will be available for the first time in the series.
  • Unsurpassed multiplayer action allows up to 32 players to take part in massive, live engagements on huge maps over the Pacific.
  • Attack a vast array of targets ranging from railroads to battleships.
  • Improved graphics that include realistic-looking water.
  • Planes and maps are rendered in perfect historical detail.

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