OUYA (Platform)

OUYA (Platform)

Release DatesMarch 28, 2013 - Kickstarter Release
June 25, 2013 - Retail Release
Shutdown/DelistingJune 25, 2019
Available OnRetail
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After launching the digital-only microconsole through an overwhelmingly successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012, OUYA units were delivered to backers ahead of a public release in the Spring of 2013. Despite the initial excitement, the OUYA quickly lost the interest of developers and publishers amid hardware issues and a flagging catalog of exclusive titles, compounding its already underwhelming sales figures. In April of 2015 Ouya Inc. CEO Julie Uhrman advised investors that the company was looking to sell the business in order to pay off unsatisfied debt.

On July 27tth, 2015 Razer announced its acquisition of OUYA’s software assets, content catalog, online retail platform, and technical staff. Although owners were incentivized at the time to migrate to Razer’s Forge TV microconsole, the company continued to support the Ouya platform (as well as the Forge TV and MadCatz MOJO platforms) until June 25th, 2019. The deadline was announced one month earlier on May 21st, 2019, confirming that all user accounts would be deactivated and that only some previously downloaded titles may still function “if they do not require a purchase validation” after June 25th. More details were provided in an FAQ [Archive].

Following the announcement, work began by fans and preservationists in June of 2019 to archive all of the games and content from the OUYA, largely coordinated through the OUYA Saviors Discord server. For existing owners and even newcomers, ouya.world offers a forum with tutorials and hacks that have enabled developers to release new games and owners to continue using their console.

OUYA Games

The table below contains data from Wikipedia which highlights 135 OUYA games from a total of 1,250 that were available on the OUYA storefront in June of 2019.

TitleDeveloper(s)Release Date
100 RoguesDinofarm Games under Fusion ReactionsAugust 2013
123 Animal First Grade Math Games for KidsEggroll GamesJanuary 2015
123 Animal Math Games for KidsEggroll GamesDecember 2014
123 Animal Preschool Games for KidsEggroll GamesDecember 2014
123 Animal Second Grade Math Games for KidsEggroll GamesJanuary 2015
20.8 PercentOMGWTFGAMES !1!!November 2013
2048Graham WeldonMarch 2014
2064: Read Only MemoriesMidBossJanuary 2016
Abbigale And The MonsterRenegadewareMarch 2013
Age of ZombiesHalfbrick StudiosMarch 2015
AirMechCarbon GamesMarch 2013
Amazing Frog?FayjuMarch 2013
Another World (Sci-fi adventure)DotEmu SASSeptember 2016
Astronaut RescueOctograb StudioJune 2013
A Space Shooter for 2 BucksFrima StudioMarch 27, 2013
Asteroid AceObelisk Entertainment (OEGames)June 2013
AVP: EvolutionFox Digital Entertainment IncOctober 2013
Terry Cavanaghlaunch title
Bacteria - Arcade Edition'SinisterSoft LimitedJuly 2013
The BallTripwire InteractiveMarch 2013
The Bard's Tale'InXile EntertainmentMay 2013
Black HoleDufgamesMay 2016
BombballE McNeillOctober 2013
BombSquadEric FroemlingJune 25, 2013
The BridgeThe Quantum Astrophysicists GuildAugust 2015
Broken AgeDouble Fine ProductionsMay 2015
BubbliminateVoxoid[41]September 2013
BullfistTerry CavanaghJune 2013
The CaveDouble Fine ProductionsDecember 2, 2013
Canabalt HDKittehface SoftwareMarch 28, 2013
Catlateral DamageChris ChungJune 11, 2015
Chess 2: The SequelLudeme GamesFebruary 2014
Choplifter HDinXile EntertainmentAugust 2013
ChronoBlade DemonWay GamesOctober 2013
Deus Ex Machina Game of the Year 30th Anniversary Collector's EditionPotassium Frog Ltd.February 2015
DiveBomb ChompBeau James GamesAugust 2014
Don't Look BackTerry CavanaghJune 2013
Donkey ME (Donkey Kong - like platformer)Bruno R. MarcosNovember 2013
DONUT GET!Sokay LLCMarch 2013
Drawing UniverseAlex Tritt GamesOctober 2013
Duck Game (Sci-fi MP combat shooter)Landon PodbielskiDecember 2014
DropchordDouble Fine ProductionsJuly 2013
Echoes of EterniaE.o.E.GamesMay 2013
E.F.M.B.: Endless Forms Most Beautiful (Platformer)Dave Hughes / LocomalitoJuly 2012
Egypt Reels of LuxorSoftware AmusementsJune 2013
Emoji World OUYAJDSoftMay 2014
Emoji World 2: The Zodiac QuestJDSoftMay 2015
Endica VII The Dream King'Dream Within Studios2014
Fester Mudd: Episode 1Replay GamesJune 2013
Fighting Is MagicMane62014
Final Fantasy IIISquare EnixMarch 2013
Fist of AwesomeI Fight BearsOctober 15, 2013
Flappy BirdDong Nguyen2014
Flashout 3D (Sci-fi racing game)Jujubee S.A.April 2013
Flashout 2Jujubee S.A.January 2015
Flip RidersDesura LLCJuly 2013
FreedroidMarcus ComstedtJanuary 2014
Gaurodan (Horizontal SHMUP)LocomalitoJuly 2013
Get on Top!Deep Plaid Games LLCNovember 2013
Giana SistersBad MonkeeApril 2013
God of BladesWhite Whale Games, LLCMarch 2013
GraviHashbang GamesJuly 2013[76]
Gulag (Side-scrolling military action shooter)Duston AllenJanuary 2016
GunblitzRapture Game StudiosMarch 2013
Hero of ManyTrickster ArtsOctober 2013
Human Element Prequel (Unnamed)Robotoki2015
Hyper Light DrifterHeart Machine2014
Ice RageMountain Sheep, Inc.October 2013
It's NothingJDSoftOctober 2015
Ittle DewLudositySeptember 2013
Joe DangerHello GamesApril 2015
Killing Floor: CalamityTripwire InteractiveDecember 2013
Kinetic AssaultBarrett GamesDecember 2013
King of BoozeDaygamesMarch 2013
Knightmare TowerJuicy Beast StudioJuly 2014
L'Abbaye des MortsLocomalitoSeptember 2014[89]
Left 2DieGuilherme Daniel MolinJuly 2014
Legend of DungeonRobotLovesKittyMarch 2013
Lowrider Car GameStop4Sanity GamesSeptember 2013
Magic Rampage (Medieval platformer)Asantee GamesOctober 2015
Maldita Castilla (Cursed Castile) (Ghosts'n Goblins - like platformer)LocomalitoOctober 2013
Meltdown (Sci-fi combat shooter)Phenomenon GamesDecember 2014
Mercenary KingsTribute GamesSeptember 2016
MinetestEzra AndersonOctober 2014
MouseCraftCrunching KoalasApril 2015
Neon ShadowTasty Poison GamesDecember 2015
Neverending NightmaresInfitap Games LLCJune 2016
Nimble QuestNimblebit LLCJuly 2013
Oddworld: Munch's OddyseeOddworld Inhabitants Inc.November 2015
Oddworld: Stranger's WrathOddworld Inhabitants Inc.November 2015
OpenArena: Ouya EditionGamesboroOctober 2013
Organ Trail: Director's CutThe Men Who Wear Many Hats LLCJune 2013
Party GolfGiant MargaritaOctober 2015
Pier Solar HDWaterMelon Co.December 2013
R-TypeDotEmu SASOctober 2015
Raiden: Legacy (Vertical Sci-fi SHMUP)DotEmu SASMay 2015
Ravensword: ShadowlandsCrescent Moon GamesJune 2014
ReaperDavid PeroutkaOctober 2013
Rose and TimeSophie HouldenJuly 2013
Saturday Morning RPGMighty Rabbit StudiosAugust 2013
Shadow BladeCrescent Moon GamesMarch 4, 2014
ShadowgunMADFINGER GamesJune 2013
Shadowrun OnlineCliffhanger ProductionsNovember 2013
Sine MoraDigital Reality and Grasshopper ManufactureAugust 2013
Skulls of the Shogun17-BITNovember 2014
Slide Tap Pop'CodeRunnersJuly 2013
So Many MeExtend Studio & ORiGO GamesJuly 2014
SoccertronDavid ErosaAugust 2014
Somyeol HDBrain ConnectedOctober 2013
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode ISegaJuly 8, 2013
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode IISegaJuly 8, 2013
Sonic the Hedgehog CDSegaAugust 1, 2013
Soul FjordAirtight GamesJanuary 28, 2014
Star BreakerPetrus-Games2013
StikboldTeam Stikbold2013
Super Crate BoxVlambeerJune 2013
Super Indie KartsOne Legged SeagullMarch 2017
Super Retro SquadExploding Rabbit2014
Survival BallRockbyte SoftwareSeptember 2013
That Dragon, CancerRyan and Amy Green2014
Toto Temple DeluxeJuicy Beast StudioJuly 2014
Towerfall: AscensionMatt ThorsonNovember 2016
Tropical Treasures Deluxe'Software AmusementsJuly 2013
Tux RacermoonliteFebruary 2014
Ur-Quan Masters HDpelyaOctober 2013
Vendetta OnlineGuild SoftwareBefore retail release
Verminian Trap (Sci-fi survival)LocomalitoSeptember 2013
The VestibuleProject BCApril 3, 2013
The Walking Dead: Season OneTelltale GamesQ1 2014
Whispering WillowsNight Light InteractiveMay 27, 2014
WizorbTribute GamesMarch 28, 2013
Wrecking Balls ArenaTeam KakumeiAugust 2013
VVVVVVTerry CavanaghJune 2014
You Don't Know JackJackbox Games Inc.June 2013
Zombie Driver HDExor StudiosAugust 2013

About the Platform

From ouya.tv: Once you’re in—it takes just $99—every game on OUYA is free to try, free to love and absolutely free to brag about. OUYA offers every game free to try because we believe you shouldn’t buy anything until you know you love it.

We love playing games on the TV and we want to bring the most creative, innovative and engaging games back to the TV by allowing any developer—big or small, experienced or new, paparazzi-famous or up-and-coming—to easily build games for the big screen. Your favorite and soon-to-be-favorite games in 1080p—what’s not to love?

Yes, you heard right. We don’t think you should buy games or in-game items unless you absolutely love them. If you fall head-over-heels for one of them, all you’ll need is a valid credit card, debit card or redeemable code. You’ll never be charged unless you choose to make a purchase.

Boasting both award-winning developers and up-and-comers, you’ll always be on the cutting edge of game releases, as OUYA delivers every genre you love, from shooters and action adventures to RPGs and puzzles. And since OUYA downloads all its games directly, that means no compact discs cluttering the coffee table. Hope you have some sick days stored up.

Conquer worlds and high scores with our thoughtfully crafted controller, enhancing every game thanks to its precise, responsive feedback, a touchpad for new dimensions of gameplay and 15 buttons to mash as you please. When you need a multiplayer fix, head online or connect up to four of these bad boys and let the games begin.

All that 1080p goodness isn’t just for gaming. OUYA brings all your favorite apps to the big screen, streaming shows, movies, and music directly into the living room. We’ve already partnered with Twitch.tv, Crunchyroll, iheartradio, TuneIn, XBMC, Plex and Flixster and are adding more to our list daily.

We’ve outfitted OUYA with NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of internal storage (expandable via USB). So don’t hold back. Whether you use WiFi or Ethernet, download games or stream your favorite videos or music apps in beautiful 1080p HD. And since OUYA is the first totally open video game console, we welcome you to unscrew it and have a look around.

If you’re the kind of person that has that killer game locked inside you, you can build games for OUYA, too. Our tools are free and come with every OUYA—no more excuses.

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