Older ‘Out of the Park Baseball’ titles leaving PC stores “soon”

Older ‘Out of the Park Baseball’ titles leaving PC stores “soon”

Out of the Park Developments, the developer and publisher behind the long-running baseball strategy series of the same name, posted to Steam on June 8th to inform fans that all previous versions of the game would be removed from sale “starting soon”. Unfortunately, the notice was only posted on the store page for Out of the Park Baseball 22 but also applies to the series annual entries dating back to 2017. That’s six titles in all, leaving Out of the Park Baseball 23 as the only available release. `Previous to this news, Out of the Park Baseball 9, 14, 15, and 16 had already been delisted on Steam.

Hello everyone! This is to let you know that starting soon, Out of the Park Baseball 22 (and all previous editions of Out of the Park Baseball) will no longer be available for purchase. We have made this difficult decision because the back-end provider of our live services will no longer support us, so we are not able to continue offering them for sale for new users.

If you have already purchased OOTP 22 (and/or previous versions of OOTP) then you will be able to continue to download them via your Steam library. This will only impact new purchases.

Thank you for your support!

– Out of the Park Developments

Anyone interested in the franchise’s past can grab the older titles on Steam right now (the franchise bundle is on sale but individual titles are still full price). Out of the Park Baseball 19 and 20 are available on Origin right now, and Out of the Park Baseball 22 is available on Epic Games. All versions are expected to be delisted around the same time. Unfortunately we don’t know exactly when that will happen so I’ll put a 2-week reminder on the Watch List calendar for now. Thanks to @romotus for pointing out the news.