Digital ReleasePC
August 15, 2017 - Steam,
May 20, 2019 - Epic Games

Xbox One
August 15, 2017 (EU, NA)
October 10, 2017 (AU)

PlayStation 4
August 15, 2017 (NA)
August 16, 2017 (AU, EU)
August 16, 2018 (JP)

Nintendo Switch
February 07, 2019 (EU, NA)
September 03, 2020 (JP)
DelistingAugust 27, 2020 - Steam
Aug - Oct 2020 - PlayStation 4
Early November 2020 -
January 2021 - Epic Games Store
DeveloperBloober Team
PublisherAspyr (2017 - 2020)
Bloober Team (2020-)
Available OnDigital
PC (Steam code)
Nintendo Switch
Xbox One

PlayStation 4 (Limited Run release)

As System Redux
PC (Epic Games,, Steam)
PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X|S
LinksObserver homepage
Observer: System Redux homepage


Observer (stylized as >observer_ ) was delisted on Steam on August 27th, on PlayStation 4 between August and mid-October, on by early November of 2020, and on Epic Games Store by January 2021. Developer Bloober Team took over publishing duties for the game from Aspyr in the Fall of 2020 and released the enhanced System Redux version with additional content in November on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

It is not clear if the change in publisher, the release of System Redux, or both are the cause for the delistings. Bloober Team clearly wanted to please fans with an improved version of the game but possibly sought to avoid confusion between the two releases. This led to a period of time where no version of the game was available on Steam or and has left those with underpowered PC hardware no way to play the game. On consoles, the original version of the game remains available on Nintendo Switch and peculiarly on Xbox One. This release is expected to be delisted as well.

About the Game

Discover a dark cyberpunk world beset by plagues, war and squalor. Play as the new front line of neural police known as observers as you hack into the jagged minds of the people you encounter.

  • Observe and Report – You are Dan Lazarski, an elite neural detective known as an Observer, and part of a corporate-funded police unit whose purpose is to hack and invade suspects’ minds. In this future, anything you think, feel, or remember can be used against you in a court of law.
  • A Dark Dystopia – The year is 2084. If you somehow survived the Nanophage, odds are you were killed in the War. Those who live have turned to drugs, VR, neural implants— anything to distract themselves from this new reality. But they can’t hide from you.
  • Interactive Insanity – As you hack into the unstable minds of criminals and victims to look for clues, you will relive their darkest fears, forcing you to question your own reality – and your sanity.

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