Digital ReleasePC
2008-2009 - GOG.com
March 10, 2014 - Steam
DelistingJanuary 2010 - GOG.com
Available OnDigital
PC (Steam)

PlayStation 2
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Obscure was delisted on GOG.com in January of 2010. This is the first time that its absence is mentioned on GOG’s forums after being featured in a Holiday 2009 sale on the site. Music licensing seems to be the likely cause of the delisting as the tracks from Sum 41 and SPAN do not appear in the Steam version of the game that was released in 2014. Another possibility is a change in arrangements between Hydravision and their original publishing partners. The Steam release is handled by Mighty Rocket Studio and makes no mention of the original publishers, DreamCatcher Interactive or Microids.

About the Game

You don’t learn for school, you learn for survival. Survival horror hits the high school – the first action adventure in the style of American teen slasher movies. Tortured screams echo through the high school’s deserted corridors. Faceless creatures lurk in the shadows. Five teenagers set out to bring light into the darkness – and experience a night that will scar their souls forever.

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