Nightwolf: Survive the Megadome

Nightwolf: Survive the Megadome

Digital ReleaseSteam
June 11, 2019
DelistingDecember 02, 2020
Available OnNone
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Nightwolf: Survive the Megadome was delisted on Steam on December 2nd, 2020. The game’s release date after Early Access was pushed back to June 11th citing the small team and number of issues to address. It appears that CYBERPHO disbanded shortly after the game launched and failed to gather an active player base. No announcement was made leading up to the game’s removal or the studio’s closure. The CYBERPHO website was shut down between November and December of 2020 although the game’s Twitter and Facebook accounts remain accessible as of May 2021.

About the Game

Inspired by cult titles such as Interstate ’76, Vigilante 8 series, Twisted Metal, 80’s VHS action flicks, mixed with high – octane, synth music and rogue lite mechanics Nightwolf: Survive the Megadome is a new take on vehicular combat genre. You play as a contender in world’s most famous blood sport arena – The Megadome, where you have to make your stand against some of the most dangerous motorized killers out there. You are the modern day gladiator, your ride is your weapon, and your fame can mean the difference between death or glory.

  • Popularity is key to your survival. The more mayhem you cause, the crowds will be more likely to reward you with powerful weapons and buffs, be vigilant however, because your fame can become infamy on a whim.
  • Adapt to changing conditions on the areana, you never know what comes next, or who will you fight with, no battle is ever the same.
  • Upgrade your car to even the odds.

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