Need for Speed Undercover

Need for Speed Undercover

Digital ReleasePC
December 19, 2008 - Steam
June 2011 - Origin

PlayStation Portable
November 20, 2008 (AU, EU)
July 29, 2010 (JP)

Xbox 360
June 08, 2010 (AU, EU, NA)
DelistingJune 01, 2021 - Steam
May 31, 2021 - PlayStation Portable (AU, EU), Origin
DeveloperEA Black Box
Piranha Games (PSP)
PublisherElectronic Arts
Available OnDigital
PlayStation Portable (JP)
Xbox 360 (AU, EU, NA)
PC Download Codes (Origin)

Nintendo DS
Nintendo Wii
PlayStation 2
PlayStation 3
PlayStation Portable
Xbox 360
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Max_Joker, Community Manager of the r/NeedForSpeed subreddit announced on May 31st, 2021 that five Need for Speed titles were set to be removed from digital storefronts starting that same day. Check individual delisting dates and availability at the top of each game page. The full announcement follows:

Starting May 31st 2021, Need for Speed Carbon, Need for Speed Undercover, Need for Speed Shift, Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed and Need for Speed The Run will be removed from digital storefronts and you will no longer be able to purchase them. In-game stores will also be closed from May 31st. This is in preparation for the retirement of the online services for these titles which will happen on August 31st 2021. Until that date, you will be able to play and race your friends (and rivals) online. From September 1st 2021 onwards, you can still play the games and use the respective offline features of these titles.

Decisions to retire games are never made easy, but we are now shifting gears to focus on the future of Need for Speed. The development teams and operational staff have put a lot of time and passion into the development, creation, release and upkeep of the game over the years, and we love to see you play. But the number of players has come to a point where it’s no longer feasible to continue the work behind the scenes required to keep Need for Speed Carbon, Need for Speed Undercover, Need for Speed Shift, Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed and Need for Speed The Run up and running. We hope you have gotten many victories, satisfying drifts, moments of friendly rivalry, and hours of joy over the last few years out of these games. And we hope you’ll keep driving with us in one of our newer titles – Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012), Need for Speed Rivals, Need for Speed (2015), Need for Speed Payback, Need for Speed Heat and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered – many of which are available via our EA Play subscription. Pedal to the metal.

As of July 1st, 2021 each title remains available digitally in some capacity although all remaining versions are expected to be delisted through 2021.

About the Game

Need for Speed Undercover has players racing through speedways, dodging cops and chasing rivals as they go deep undercover to take down an International crime syndicate. The game heralds the return of high-intensity police chases and introduces the all-new ‘Heroic Driving Engine’ — a unique technology that generates incredible high-performance moves at 180 miles per hour during breathtaking highway battles. 

A mix of computer graphics and live-action movies immerses gamers in the rich world of the Tri-City Bay Area. The city’s open-world environment features over 80 miles of roads, including an enormous highway system that sets the stage for highway battles. These high-speed, high-stake chase sequences push players to the limit as they fight off cops and opponents while whipping through traffic at 180 miles per hour. An intelligent new A.I. mechanic delivers a realistic and high-energy action driving experience. 

Going back to the franchise’s roots, Need for Speed Undercover features more aggressive and intelligent cops whose sole purpose is to take down the player quickly and by any means necessary. Need for Speed Undercover also features the series’ signature car customization, real-world damage and realistic driving physics. The game includes some of the hottest licensed cars such as the Audi R8, BMW M6 and Lexus IS-F.